Is your preschooler ready for kindergarten? There is still time for your preschooler to confidently transition into kindergarten this fall by engaging in some activities over the summer. We are providing you with a variety of summer activities in order to give them a solid foundation and the confidence to learn new material.

So where exactly should you start? Let’s break down some skills that should be introduced by kindergarten and how to achieve preparedness.

Fine Motor Skills:

There are a variety of fine motor skills that children are expected to learn before entering kindergarten. Skills like-

  • Writing and knowing their first and last name (very important!)
  • Holding and using pencil, crayon, or writing utensil properly
  • Holding and using scissors, glue sticks, etc. appropriately

In order to help your child prepare, you should start incorporating some of these small tasks into your routine:

  • Writing their first and last name on paper or different materials
  • Engage in crafts that will involve cutting out shapes/items and gluing them down
  • Color in pages of coloring books

Reading Skills:

Not only should you help them with their motor skills such as writing, but reading skills are also beneficial to learn before entering kindergarten. Some of these skills include:

  • Reciting the alphabet
  • Recognizing sight words
  • Identify letter sounds when reading

An easy way to build on your child’s reading skills is by adding reading into your child’s daily routine. You will want to follow these tips in order to encourage your child to read more on their own:

  • Read short simple books
  • Ask questions about the story when you finish reading
  • Set a specific time to read and make it apart of your routine
  • Allow your child to pick out books that they find interesting
  • Master sight words through these different methods

Math Skills

Having a solid foundation of math skills as a new kindergartener can easily set them up for success. Here is a list of math skills that are a great starting point to build from.

  • Recognizing numbers 1 – 10 and understanding the value of the numbers
  • Count from 1 – 10 without skipping numbers
  • Counting objects one at a time
  • Sorting similar items
  • Identify and draw shapes

Teaching math to early learners can be simple. Here are some activities to add to your routine:

  • Play simple card games to understand numbers and groupings
  • Count objects in nature
  • Sort and understand groupings with toys, while cleaning up, or even everyday items.
  • Identify shapes that you see when out and about
By incorporating simple yet effective activities into your summer routine, your child will be prepared to take on the new school year.


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