New Student Paperwork

**Please be sure to hand in all enrollment paperwork before or on your child’s first training day, along with your child’s most up to date physical and shot record. Children may not be dropped off without the enrollment paperwork handed in.

Influenza season begins at the start of November and continues through the end of March. The DPH of CT mandated the influenza immunization (aka, flu shot) obligatory in the year 2010 for all children who are enrolled, or are enrolling in a licensed child care center that are between the ages of 6 months- 59 months (4 years). In accordance with Connecticut General Statues (CGS) 19a-7f (Standard of Care For Immunization of Children in CT), by January 1, children who have not received the flu vaccine by December 31st must be excluded from the child care center for the duration of flu season, or until they receive the influenza vaccine. Once your child has received the flu vaccine, please have a copy of the record faxed to (860) 572-8750 or dropped off to the front office.

New Student Training Day’s

Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow incorporates a training program to aid in any separation anxiety and to ease your child into a structured environment.

During the training process, please only bring what your child needs for that amount of time (ex. diapers, bottle/sippy cup/water bottle, spare change of clothes, comfort item, etc.). On your child’s first full day of care is when you will bring all the items listed on the following page.

Training Schedule:

1. The first training day will be from 8-9am. At this time, you will visit the classroom together. The parents should fill the teacher in on any specifics about their child, say a quick “goodbye” and leave your child at the center for an hour. We ask that you refrain from spending more than 5 minutes in the classroom as the purpose of this training is for the teachers to bond with your child.

2. The second training day will be from 8-10am. At this time, you will drop off your child to their classroom teacher with a quick “goodbye” and leave the child for two hours.

3. Please refrain from taking pictures or videos of your child in the classroom setting as some children are not allowed to be photographed.

Your First Day!

To best prepare your family for your first day at Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow we have provided the following list of items that will help us ensure the best day for your child.

• At least two changes of clothing (weather appropriate)

• Sheet and lightweight blanket for nap (children 1yr and older). Crib sheets will be provided by the school if your child is sleeping in a pack and play. If your child is sleeping on a cot, you are responsible to provide a crib sheet and lightweight blanket.

• Any comfort items (stuffed animals, binky, etc.)

• Any medications and the necessary documents (obtain from your physician)

• Sunscreen (during summer)

• Diapers

• Diaper cream (if needed) with topical form (provided in this packet)

• Bottles for formula & breast milk. Parents must provide milk until child is off a scheduled and measured amount. Once your child is eating table food, 3oz of milk will be included with school provided meals and snacks. Bottles, sippy cups and water bottles are to be brought home daily to be washed.

• Sippy cup or water bottle. If your child is using a sippy cup for milk, please bring in 2 cups (1 for water and 1 for milk)

Any EpiPen’s or life-saving inhalers/nebulizers need to be on sight and in the child’s classroom with the proper documents in order for your child to attend. The nurse and administration team will write a plan of action per the Doctor’s paperwork. All necessary teachers/administration need to sign off on the paperwork before the child starts with the center.

Parents are responsible for bringing in all needed items for their child while in our care – if we do not have the necessary items for your child we need them to be dropped off at the school in a reasonable amount of time or the child will need to be picked up.

PMP of Sandy Hollow cannot store car seats at the school. While we know this can be a challenge if someone else is picking up your child, we simply do not have the space to store car seats.

Drop Off Policy

Effective immediately, the following policies regarding drop off at PMP of Sandy Hollow will be as follows:

• All children must be dropped off by 9:15am with the only exceptions being medical related or special unavoidable circumstances that have been approved by the Director.

• If a child will not be attending the center due to sickness or a family day, it is mandatory to notify Administration as soon as possible. This information is crucial for our team to establish proper ratios for the day should we experience staff callouts and substitute teachers are required.

• Any child who leaves the center for an appointment will not be allowed to return to the school between 11:30am – 2:15pm. This new rule has been established to avoid disruption during rest time.

Blanket Policy

In accordance with State Regulations and for the safety of all your children, Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow is rewriting our blanket policy.

• Infant Rooms:

– One light blanket with them only. No thick, bulky blankets.

– No stuffed animals in with them during rest and sleep time.

– Children will be dressed in single layers for sleep times.

– Cribs are free from pillows, toys, comforters and stuffed animals.

– Children are not allowed to fall asleep or sleep on caregivers to avoid blocking their breathing.

– Children are not left to sleep in swings.

**Per the Department of Connecticut Daycare Licensing, no blankets, stuffed animals or toys of any sort are allowed during rest times for infants under one year of age.

• Toddler and Preschool Rooms:

– One light single blanket only during rest or nap time

– Teachers maintain blankets and stuffed animals away from face area.

Bottle Procedure

• Parents will be responsible for bringing in the appropriate amount of bottles, with milk/formula/breast milk, based on their child’s feeding schedule.

• Bottles will be rinsed and sent home each day.

• Parents are responsible for bringing in a new supply of bottles and milk/formula/breast milk each day.

• Once the child is no longer on measured milk, PMP of Sandy Hollow will provide 3oz of whole milk/1% milk at meals and snack time.

Backpack/Diaper Bag Policy/Car Seats

Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow will no longer allow backpacks or diaper bags to be left in the school. We understand that children proudly enter the school with their specially selected backpack carrying their belongings for the day and have no problem with this continuing. We do, however, ask that the parent/guardian unpack the backpack/diaper bag into their cubby and take the backpack/diaper bag with them as they exit the building. We have had numerous close calls with regard to peanut- related food, medicine or toys from home that cause discord or safety issues with the other children in the classroom.

In addition, unless there is a specific reason approved by the director, car seats can no longer be left at the center. Unfortunately, they present a tripping hazard; as well as take away our precious classroom space. Thank you for your understanding.