Tuition Fee

An tour and a visit through the center with you and your child are recommended before admission. A $40.00 non-refundable registration fee is needed to secure your child’s enrollment. School day includes: A healthy breakfast (between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.), a nutritional lunch, 2 snacks, as well as, academic exploration, social interaction and creative activities.

Infant/Pre Toddler/ Toddler/
Intro To PS Day Fee
PreSchool/ Pre-K
Day Fee
1. $67 1. $64  
2. $134 2. $128  
3. $201 3. $192  
4. $268 4. $256  
5. $335 5. $320  

As a courtesy, Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow accepts government assistance programs including “Care 4 Kids”. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to initiate and maintain the process. The incoming family is responsible for full weekly tuition until the initial Care 4 Kids payment is received from that week.