Special Events

Birthday Parties

At Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow, birthdays hold a special place in our hearts.

To further enhance the birthday celebrations and to accommodate the busy schedules of our families, we offer complete party packages or a la carte options right here at the center! This option allows parents to host their child’s birthday party with ease, without the hassle of coordinating with other parents.

Our packages include an array of treats, such as pizzas, cupcakes, ice cream, Gogurts, fruit platters, and more. We also offer table decorations, hanging decorations, goody bags, etc.

With our thoughtfully designed birthday celebrations, we ensure that every child’s special day is filled with joy, laughter, and treasured memories that they will cherish for years to come.

Magic of Music

At PMP of Sandy Hollow, Mr James Harris, who is a gifted and locally known musician, will teach a music class once a month throughout the year. He will introduce a variety of instruments and focus on developing an appreciation for listening to music, moving to music and creating music. Learning to read music and developing a fondness for playing a musical instrument during early childhood can have significant benefits for future success. In these formative years, children primarily explore and understand their world through the enchanting process of play. The essence of play for young children revolves around the exposure to various environmental objects and experiences. Please see Administration to sign up!

Fire Safety Day

Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow hosts a highly anticipated annual visit from the Old Mystic Fire Department—an event that brings immense joy to everyone! During this special occasion, the children are educated about fire safety, including essential lessons on how to “Stop, Drop & Roll.” It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to interact with the firefighters, witness them in their full gear, explore the fire truck up close, and, most importantly, have a blast spraying the hoses! This delightful experience not only imparts valuable safety knowledge but also leaves lasting memories that the children cherish dearly.


June brings forth a special month for our PMP of Sandy Hollow Graduates! It’s a time of celebration as we mark our Preschool Completion Ceremony—a cherished milestone shared with our beloved families. We take immense pride in the students who will embark on their journey to Kindergarten in the upcoming Fall. As this momentous occasion draws near, we find ourselves in deep reflection, reminiscing about the time we’ve spent together and the beautiful memories we’ve crafted.

Watching your children flourish and prepare for the next step in their “Journey of Life” is an absolute privilege and honor. Their growth and development fill our hearts with joy, and we stand alongside them, offering our unwavering support as they embark on this exciting new chapter. June is truly a month of celebration, appreciation, and anticipation for the bright futures that lie ahead for our remarkable students.