Our Programs

We offer a safe and healthy environment with individual programs and with an emphasis on positive character building and self esteem developing. The center is equipped for Infants, Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers, and Pre-Kindergartners.

  • Nutritious Breakfast served 7:00am until 8:00am
  • Appetizing Lunch
  • Nourishing Snacks
  • A nurturing and serene environment that encourages respect, reflection and a healthy thought process
  • Caring individuals who are passionate about empowering children
  • A supportive administrative team with a strong focus on family support
  • A creative daily routine that builds trust, security and confidence
  • Innovative equipment that is routinely rotated to keep the interest and curiosity thriving
  • An inspiring curriculum that encompasses academics, social and emotional growth and an array of life lessons
  • Outdoor time honoring health and fitness while promoting social interaction, exploration and creativity
  • Genuine friendships that fill the center with smiles and laughter as well as build everlasting memories

Throughout these stages, children will form friendships and memories to take with them forever.