Health and Safety

  • Fire drills are held once a month.
  • It is required that each child have an updated physical examination and record of immunizations upon admission to the center. This material is kept confidential in each child’s file and must be updated annually, as mandated by the Department of Public Health.
  • In the event that a child needs medication administered, the parent or guardian is required to have their pediatrician fill-out a medication authorization form.
  • There is a designated rest area away from the children for any child who is not feeling well. Any child diagnosed as having a communicable disease is not allowed to attend school and the parents are required to notify the directors immediately.
  • All children’s allergies will be posted in the kitchen and in each classroom. We will protect children from exposure to foods, chemicals, or other materials that may cause an allergic reaction.
  • Parent /guardian will be notified by phone of any minor injuries or incidents involving their child that requires first aid. An injury report will be maintained in the child’s file.
  • For the safety of the children fire drills are held once a month. This is to demonstrate how to leave the building safely in case of fire or an emergency.
  • The center ensures that all equipment, items and surfaces are washed with disinfectant solution. The sanitizing solution is prepared daily. All such disinfectants are stored in a secure place and out of the reach of children.
  • The following consultants are available to the center at all times: Registered Nurse Consultant, Dental Consultant, Nutritional Consultant and Social Services Consultant.

Illness Policy

Mildly Ill children:
The child will be kept in a quiet, supervised area. Food, drink and rest will be available upon request (liquids given more often). You will be contacted and play material will be made available to the child and indoor activity will be minimal (close monitoring will take place). Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow Preschool now has foods from the BRAT diet* i.e. banana, rice, apple /apple juice, toast, available in the event your child has a case of diarrhea while at Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow.

Illness Plan:
Staff members shall be knowledgeable about the symptoms of childhood illnesses and be responsible for observing the children for illness. Any child with symptoms of a short term contagious illness shall be placed in a designated area away from the rest of the children, with continued visual and auditory supervision by staff. The parent/guardian will be notified immediately to remove the child from the center.

Training for Administering Medications

There shall be an individual trained in the administration of medications on the premises at all times. The training shall be conducted by a physician or a registered nurse in the proper methods of administrating medications.
• All training will be documented.
• Training should include, but not limited to:
• Administration of medication
• Safe handling and proper storage
• Documentation and recording
• The center is prepared to administer an epi-pen injection in an emergency.

Administration of Medications
No medication that is ingested, inhaled, or injected, (prescription or non-prescription) shall be administered to a child without a written order of a physician or dentist (licensed in this state or any other state). The form must indicate the exact name of medication, child’s complete name, dosage and directions, time and dates medication is to be administered and the written permission of the parents.

All prescription medications shall be administered in accordance with the written orders or directions of a physician or dentist. If a physician or dentist determines that the training of certified unlicensed personnel is inadequate to safely administer medications to a particular client then the doctor or dentist can order the administering of medications by licensed personnel.

Individual medication administration records for each child shall be written in ink, posted and maintained on a form approved by the department.

Topical Medications

The following topical medications are exempt a physician’s permission form, but do require that parents or guardian sign an annual release form available from the administration:

  • Diaper changing ointments
  • Medicated powders
  • Insect repellents-only all natural & non-toxic versions permissible.
  • Teething medications

Policies & Procedures

  • Medications shall be stored in a locked cabinet or refrigerated (according to the directions on label) separately away from food and inaccessible to children.
  • All controlled substances shall be stored in a locked cabinet and inaccessible to children.
  • All medication shall be stored in the original child-resistant safety container labeled with name, name of medication, directions and side effects.
  • All unused medications shall be returned to parent.
  • No medication will be administered without valid written authorization.
  • Drugs that have not legally been approved by the Food and Drug Administration shall not be administered.
  • The medication authorization record shall become part of the child’s health record when the course of the medication has ended.
  • Specific instruction from physician or dentist on how the medication should be administered shall accompany medication.
  • Staff shall review possible side effects and notify parents if child shows any signs of them.
  • The medication shall be in a safety cap container.
  • Original prescription label shall be on container.
  • The name of the child shall be on container.
  • The date of the prescription shall be within one month for antibiotics and within the expiration date for medications which are so labeled.
  • Any medication administration errors shall be reported to parent/guardian.