When children love to read, it makes learning so much easier for them while they’re in school. Children learn to read at different paces, these milestones should be used as general guidelines, not hard and fast deadlines. Typically, by the time your child is three, he or she will likely want to independently explore books, remain interested in longer books that are read aloud, and happily retell familiar stories. At age four, they can usually recognize rhyming words, name some letters in the alphabet and match some letters with their sounds. By age five, they will likely be able to match some written words with the spoken ones, recognize some familiar words in print, and have the ability to predict what might happen next in a story.

Here are some tips to help encourage your child to read:

1: Take Advantage of Reading Moments

Find ways to make books available to your children. While at the grocery store, read labels with your young child. When cooking, read recipes together. The goal is to have reading become a natural part of your family’s life (if it isn’t already), which can cause children to read without them really even thinking about it.

2: Let Your Child Pick Out The Books

Children are more likely to become engaged with and want to read something that interests them.So, take your child to the library and let him or her choose books to check out. .

Then, as your child becomes comfortable with books, you can broaden his or her horizon, choosing books on different topics, and selecting ones that gradually become more challenging to read.

No. 3: Encourage Your Child

Children learn from being encouragement, and that includes their reading skills. When a child knows you are supporting him or her, it can make a world of difference.

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