No matter what age your child is, playing with clay is fun. And as an added bonus playing with clay is also good for your child’s development.

Lets look at 6 ways playing with clay can help with you child’s development:

It’s Therapeutic 
Clay play can be a very invigorating, yet soothing activity.  Working the clay is a positive way to express emotions, a good stress-reliever and, since it’s generally an unhurried activity, also a calming pastime for kids.

Encourages Sensory Development 
Playing with clay is actually a multi-sensory hobby as it includes touch, sight, smell—and even sound.  During playtime your child can discover things like: Is it slimy or dry?  What does it sound like when you squeeze it?  This allows children to strengthen their sensory skills as they learn to manipulate the material into different objects and shapes.

Develops Coordination and Motor skills 
It also helps improve eye/hand coordination and build both gross and fine motor skills, including the small muscles in hands and fingers.  This helps with dexterity and is beneficial for children coloring, cutting and writing in a school setting.

Builds imagination
Many toys are developed for imaginary play, but not many let children dream up and create something entirely new.  Clay stimulates curiosity, motivates them to problem-solve as they work on their project, and ultimately leads them to craft unique three-dimensional art.  That’s pretty cool.

Extends Attention Span
It’s so different from other mediums, like drawing, because children are naturally drawn to experiment with clay. Another perk to clay is its adaptability that allows for mistakes to be made and then repaired so kids don’t feel frustrated.  In fact, clay can be so engaging they may play for long periods of time without any adult involvement!

Boosts self-esteem
The best part?  Children can make something out of nothing.  The bowl may not be perfectly round or the truck may not look much like a truck, but they made it. Kids not only feel proud of what they brought to life, but also a sense of accomplishment.

Ready to give Clay Play a try?  Your child is!

We are pleased to announce that Liz Lomax, a professional Artist, is part our team of special guests here at Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow . Liz is an award-winning Artist from New York who incorporates sculpture, design, painting and photography into her work. A complete description of her impressive background is located in the foyer of the main office for your review. Liz visits each and every classroom from Toddlers to Advanced Pre-K to create different art projects.

At Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow PreSchool of Sandy Hollow, we offer a special place for children to not only grow and develop along the way, but a place for them to CELEBRATE each and every step. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our program please fill out the form on this page or call us at 860.572.9958