When you think of preschool are you afraid that your child to be away from you? Are you afraid they aren’t ready to take instruction from someone else? You shouldn’t be. Placing you child in a structured environment like preschool can only help your child.

Children progress a lot from attending preschool because they are exposed to numbers, letters, shapes and they develop social and emotional skills that allow them to learn how to get along with other children and to share.

Here are 5 reasons why preschool is great for your child:

1. Preschool provides a foundation for learning, both academically and socially.

Young children are naturally curious and observant. They want learn the skills that their families and society value — such as reading the instructions for assembling a toy, or selecting the correct bills or coins to pay for a purchase. To prepare children for the academic demands of school, teachers will offer a wide variety of games and activities that will help them attain necessary academic but also social skills.

2. Preschool exposes your child to a disciplined setting.

Preschool provides the opportunity for your child to be in a disciplined setting with teachers and children where they will learn to share and follow instructions, like raising their hand when they want to ask a question, take turns, and share the teacher’s attention. Children need to be exposed to these behaviors at early ages to have these types of experiences before they start school.

3. Preschool will prepare children for elementary school where things become more academic.

A high-quality childhood education is based on learning through play so that they become interested and want to learn more academically. Learning needs to be fun for you child!

4. Preschool will help your child develop socially and emotionally.

Your children will learn how to compromise, be respectful towards others, and solve problems. Here they will gain a sense of self, explore, play with their peers, and build confidence in themselves.

5. They will learn their ABCs and 123s.

Young children will learn letters and numbers in preschool, but at their own pace and through playing games. They will learn through various kinds of activities kids find interesting, like story-time, talking to the teachers about stars and more.

What you can do at home to further develop your child?

Ask them how their day was. What they liked and didn’t like. Encourage them and let them no mistakes happen.
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