The transition to pre-kindergarten is an exciting milestone for both children and parents. At Precious Memories Daycare in Mystic, CT, we understand the importance of preparing young learners for this new adventure. Our comprehensive pre-kindergarten program is designed to provide children with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in school and beyond. In this blog, we’ll explore what parents can expect when preparing their child for pre-kindergarten at Precious Memories.

  1. Structured Learning Environment:

  2. Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum:

    • At Precious Memories, we follow a developmentally appropriate curriculum that aligns with pre-kindergarten standards and guidelines. Our curriculum covers various subjects, including language and literacy, math, science, art, and social studies, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for young learners.
  3. Socialization and Peer Interaction:

    • Pre-kindergarten provides children with valuable opportunities for socialization and peer interaction. Our classrooms are filled with opportunities for children to collaborate, communicate, and build friendships with their peers. Through group activities, teamwork exercises, and cooperative play, children develop important social skills that lay the foundation for future success.
  4. Independence and Self-Help Skills:

    • As children prepare for pre-kindergarten, they begin to develop independence and self-help skills that are essential for classroom success. Our teachers foster independence by encouraging children to make choices, solve problems, and take responsibility for their actions. From dressing themselves to following classroom routines, children gain confidence in their abilities and learn valuable life skills.
  5. School Readiness Preparation:

    • Our pre-kindergarten program focuses on preparing children for the transition to formal schooling. Through a combination of teacher-led instruction, hands-on activities, and play-based learning, children acquire the foundational skills they need to excel in kindergarten and beyond. From letter recognition and counting to following directions and listening attentively, our curriculum prepares children for academic success.

At Precious Memories Daycare in Mystic, CT, we believe that preparing for pre-kindergarten is an important step in a child’s educational journey. Our dedicated teachers and staff are committed to providing a nurturing, supportive, and stimulating environment where children can thrive. If you’re looking for a preschool daycare that prioritizes early childhood development and school readiness, consider enrolling your child at Precious Memories. Contact us today to learn more about our pre-kindergarten program and schedule a tour of our facility.