Journey With Us

♥ The Journey to a path well traveled

♥ The Journey of learning

Experience “life coaching” at its best …here at Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow.

Within the dynamics of our uniquely designed philosophy, you will find deep listening, powerful communication and support in living resourceful and whole. We acknowledge that behind every child’s behavior or belief there lies a positive intention.

Along with a dedication to mastering healthy living, “Life Coaching” at the preschool level includes taking control and responsibility for one’s own happiness while reaching and investing in your fullest potential.

There is strong value around creating a positive belief system at an age where children are most receptive. “Life Coaching” explores around the art of setting goals and fostering positive thinking. Both of which are needed to fuel ones determination and persistence to embrace growth and a Path Well Traveled.

♥ Journey to a Path Well Traveled & Life Coaching

Embracing powerful communication and a dedication to mastering healthy living. Children have fun while learning to support a bright future. Children have fun while learning to support a bright future through powerful communication and a dedication to mastering healthy living.

The art and science of “Life Coaching” is utilizing the resources within us for techniques that support any change one desires to grow or evolve.

Imagine that feeling of inner peace, being part of each and every day. How about the freedom to live life completely and fully by your own values and your own agenda? Now I invite you to think about one of the happiest moments in your life and being able to bring that happiness to yourself at anytime…
This is the magic of “Life Coaching”

By incorporating the value of “Life Coaching” into our existing philosophy, we are able to supply skills that bring children through transition smoothly and move forward with confidence. Children research around the energy that fuels inspiration to set forth strategies and time management to implement growth or change. Through fun activities that explore children’s wants, needs and purpose, true core values can be identified and honored. With some basic “Life Coaching” experiences in their back pocket, our group of children are given the opportunity, at the beginning stages of development, to generate their own insights and solutions… A valuable gift at all ages!

All you need to do is open to what is and be flexible enough to live it now. (Unknown)

♥ The Journey of Learning

The Journey of Learning celebrates exploration, while delighting children with new found interests. A cart of age appropriate toys, books, and equipment, known as the Journey Express, visits each classroom weekly for a scheduled time. It provides children the opportunity of focused play with a flare of excitement and adventure. Young children learn from new experiences and their world is expanded through interactive play and discovery. Through the Journey of Learning, children enjoy manipulatives that support all areas of growth. Our Journey Express is equipped with valuable materials in the following areas:

Sensory Learning
Problem Solving
The Power of Choice
Puppets & Felt Boards

Dramatic Play
Fine Motor

Responsibility, follow through, and goal setting all play a role in The Journey of Learning. Children embrace the tasks of nurturing all equipment on the Journey Express Cart and are eager to plan tasks and interests for its next visit!