Philosophy and Purpose

    Our philosophy is designed to enhance self-confidence, security, ambition, motivation, and making good choices; all of which are important qualities that will go with the children throughout their lives.

    Welcome to Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow Pre-School. We are a learning and development center designed to provide children with the experiences that help them grow socially, cognitively and academically. Along with this exposure, the center provides a warm homelike atmosphere where the children can feel comfortable and secure. A strong emphasis is placed on healthy eating habits, regular exercise and mental well being.

    We believe that a preschool day should reflect an interest in the whole child. Each child has physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs that must be enhanced.

    A good program includes stability and structure, but must also be flexible. A familiar pattern enables the child to take part in routines more easily, and it allows for a sense of security. It is also necessary for the teacher to be in tune with the children’s needs and desires, and to be willing to change when the child’s needs change.

    It is necessary at this developmental level that learning be based on actual experience and participation. At the center, we attempt to fulfill these goals and meet the expectations of our children and parents. We are constantly striving to learn more and through this process, will not only satisfy your child’s needs, but also enrich his or her life.

    We hold special pride in the center’s professional staff. Selected for their knowledge of child development, as well as, their strong interpersonal skills which are the strength of our program. When visiting Precious Memories Preschool of Sandy Hollow Preschool, please take time to listen, to watch and to learn from this unique group. You will be enriched.

    A strong and interactive Administrative team is available at all times for direction and management. Classrooms are overseen regularly throughout the day by administration to monitor safety, happiness and the implemetation of the centers’ philosophy and purpose.