Special Events

Camp Fitness ~ Mind and Body

Welcome to a summer of excitement, growth, and personal development! Our carefully curated program is centered around fun, fitness, and enriching experiences, designed to nurture young minds and bodies. We are dedicated to equipping every child with essential life skills that will empower them throughout their journey.

Each week, our engaging activities revolve around age-appropriate concepts, promoting academic excellence, fostering social and emotional growth, and enhancing cognitive abilities. Our goal is to create a transformative experience that leaves a lasting impact on each participant.

Not to forget, our Camp Fitness program is an absolute blast! We believe that fitness should be enjoyable and inspiring, encouraging children to stay active with enthusiasm.

Join us for a summer like no other, where every day is filled with adventure, learning, and joyous memories. Embrace the magic of growth and discovery in an environment that celebrates uniqueness and creativity. Let’s make this summer an extraordinary chapter in the book of your child’s life!


1)    Spirit week
This week is not just about having fun; it’s an incredible opportunity for emotional and cognitive development. Through verbal guidance and hands-on activities, we encourage a healthy mindset and lifestyle, nurturing young minds to flourish.
2)    Gardening with a twist:  Clean Healthy Living
Gardening’s positive impact ripples through a child’s life, turning a simple seed-planting activity into an immersive learning experience filled with curious “Why” and “How” questions.
3)    Obstacle Courses: A Metaphor For Life!
Our obstacle courses become a path to increased confidence, as children face choices to persevere or step back. This adventure teaches valuable life lessons of fortitude, self-worth, and the thrill of overcoming challenges.
4)    Obstacle Courses continued:Sequencing, strengthening, and coordination are built through various activities that provide diverse sensory inputs, promoting not just physical health but also mental agility.
5)    Water play: Fostering a respect for water!
Engaging children in water games promotes physical activity and teamwork, fostering respect for water and the environment. It’s a world of laughter, exploration, and learning to make safe choices together.
6)    Retro Movement:  Good old fashioned fun and appreciation
Take a trip back to simpler times, where creativity thrived with limited resources. Emphasizing traditional values, we encourage children to explore resourcefulness and invent games with readily available materials.
7)    Imagination Creation: Self-expression through mind and body
Imagination is a gateway to self-expression, allowing children to dream, create, and entertain themselves. By integrating feelings, dreams, and actions, imagination turns them into creative problem solvers.
8)    Spirit Week
This week is a transformative experience, not just about fun, but about embracing emotional, cognitive, and expressive growth. Through clear guidance and interactive activities, we empower children to lead a healthy and fulfilled life.