Specialty Programs

Throughout the year we offer special programs that are available to all the children. Group interaction and socialization are important to the development of young children, but a little one-on-one can make them feel very special! Some programs are age/class specific and others require personalized sign up sheets.

The Magic of Music

Learning how to read music and developing an appreciation for playing a musical instrument at an early age can be beneficial to success.  Early childhood is the time when children learn about their world primarily through the magical process of play.  The substance of play in very young children is comprised of the environmental objects and experiences to which they have been exposed.  If the music environment is sufficiently rich, there will be continuous and stronger appreciation of the arts as they mature. Through one on one instruction children are able to capture the magic of music.

Treasured Times Program

A weekly program that allows for one on one activities and time together for a child and team member. These sessions run for approximately 20 minutes and meet four times per month. Let the creativity flow and bonding blossom.

  • Clay Sculpting
  • Board Games
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Tutoring
  • Computer Time
  • Nature Walks
  • Planting
  • Art Projects
  • Literacy Activities
  • Self-help skills

Parents Night Out

Once a month we open from 6:00 PM-10:00 PM.  We invite you to enjoy an evening out or in; knowing that your children are being cared for by trusted teachers in their comfortable surroundings. So go have dinner, see a movie or

enjoy a nice relaxing night in. The evening includes snacks, an interactive dinner and a festive dessert. Once full and comfortable, the children will be invited to begin the activity of the evening. At 8:30 a comfy, cozy room, with a movie, will be available for anyone who is sleepy. Otherwise, upon arrival, the parents will indicate when they would like rest time to begin for their child. If you need a certain date for special plans please let us know and we can try to schedule a night out to accommodate your families needs.

Hair Cut Day

Going to the hairdresser or barber can be a stressful experience for many children. We have a solution for you! Every 6 weeks we have a licensed professional hairdresser come to the center for haircuts. Miss Ashley is a licensed cosmetologist. She is wonderful with children and has a special manner that makes the experience stress-free and enjoyable. The children get to participate in this event with their friends which adds to the excitement of the day. We invite you to allow us to take this chore off your hands. You will find a sign-up sheet in the entrance of all of our centers each month