Curriculum Enhancements

Curriculum Enhancements are designed to add an innovative flare to conventional learning tools. When presented with passion and enthusiasm children will explore around ideas and activities that will help build a healthy approach to living and being.

January- Appreciation
Both feeling and expressing appreciation are important parts of life. Through appreciation children are able to relate to others feelings and build a sense of belonging. A sense of appreciation is an essential ingredient in a happy life.

February- Healthy mind and body
A healthful environment can produce the overall benefit of a longer and more productive life. Good habits learned when young tend to stay for life.

March- Reflection
Self-reflection skills promote problem solving and develop a stronger self-esteem. Reflection can lead to personal growth and meaningful change while being able to think about what you have done, why and if it was effective.

April- The power of listening
Listening plays a fundamental role in the development of communication and learning. Good listening results in a stronger focus, greater efficiency, and an increased likelihood of making better decisions.

May- Response and reaction
Reactions are unconscious much like a knee jerk reaction. A response is conscious and shows thoughtfulness by using intelligence and your life’s experiences to consider how to best respond. Become aware of the initial reaction, resist doing anything, think it through by considering options and possibilities then choose how to respond.

June- Goals and action steps
Having a strong sense of purpose boosts self-belief and can improve children’s confidence. Having goals in life help us to make better decisions and gives us the motivation and the energy to keep going.

July- Dreams and possibilities
Dreaming supports belief in yourself and builds courage and confidence to move forward. Children just need direction to get them thinking and exploring possibilities.

August- Confidence
Confidence must grow from inside to be real and resilient. It’s important to nurture confidence, allowing children to recognize and accept both their strengths and weaknesses.

September- Inspiration and Exploration
Children build motivation through encouragement and taking joy in the little things they achieve. Through inspiration and exploration children learn what is really important to them and their future is filled with possibilities.

October- Balance
Creating balance in life is a learned experience. Balanced living means supporting and protecting your mind and body.

November- Sharing and Caring
Sharing is something that is learned as we progress through life. A positive experience can help us to realize that we can end up with the best of both worlds, by pooling our combined resources.

December- Systemic Belief
An opportunity to express teamwork and a belief of being part of som